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Wheel Doctor


Monday thru Friday
9am - 6pm


4407 Sycamore Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236





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“Here at Beechmont Audi, we use the Wheel Doctor for the prompt and courteous service, along with the quality of workmanship.”
 - Eric Dickson, Service Manager, Beechmont Audi


“Why waste money replacing expensive wheels when the Wheel Doctor offers high quality repairs along with personalized service.”
 - The Team at Performance Alignment


We have used the Wheel Doctor for the last three years because of consistent quality and excellent, prompt service.  We almost never need to order replacement wheels anymore.”
 - Blue Ash Bob Sumerel Tire


What does The S2000 Club of Cincinnati say about the Wheel Doctor?

“Glenn is a preferred vendor for S2KCincinnati and does AMAZING work.”

“Hope no one has to get their wheels fixed either, but should it come to pass, for anybody, on these boards…Wheel Doctor is the “ONLY” way to go.”

“Glenn has done wonders for me in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I hit a pot-hole in my old car (cheap aftermarket wheels) and the wheel had a 4-5 inch split along the inner lip. 2 other wheel repair companies (who come to my dealership to fix used cars/customer cars) said the wheel was unfixable. Gladly, Glen said it would be no problem, stop back in 3 days. When I got the wheel back, I was amazed! It was straightened, welded, sanded, and repainted. It even balanced better then the other 3 wheels. He won me as a lifetime customer from then out.

When I got my S, I didn't want to spend the money on wheels, so Glen and I chatted for a bit and went over wheel color samples. I ended up going with white, and 2 days later...THERE THEY WERE, BEAUTIFUL WHITE..and FLAWLESS!!!!!!

Then got bored again, chose to go with another color...the gunmetal metallic. Once again, impressed didn't even begin to explain how they looked.

Glen is AWESOME at what he does and I would definitely recommend him for any kind of wheel repair, painting, and powdercoating.”

“WOW.....!!!!!I am really impressed.....Had 2 of my VS / XX wheels messed-up from two different shops last week. One of the rears was "REALLY" torn-up by the tire shop, that I have been dealing with, since I purchased my car, in '03......The damage was significant...the other was dropped, face down by the dealership...!!! Needless to say...I was beside myself...all weekend. They wanted to make good, and asked me if I could email a couple of pics to them, and if I was aware of "Wheel Doctor" over in Fairfield, Ohio. I told them that I have heard of them, and that is where I was going to take the wheels, anyway.  I called Glen, at the Wheel Doctor: A.S.A.P. He said to bring it over..and he would give me an estimate...the turn-around would only be a day..or two...!!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing...a day or two..??? I figured at least a week or so... Took it over on Tuesday morning....Glen looked the wheels-over, and said "NO-PROBLEM" we can make them good as new.....You can pick the car up on Thursday...Well, he called me on Wednesday eve...and said it was ready... I picked it up this Morning...When he brought it out..... I couldn't even see where they were messed-up...and I am serious...!!! I still can't find the places....OMG...!! I just can't give them enough "Thumbs-Up" This shop is totally incredible and for a price that "CAN'T" be beat...Soooooo ....if any of you need your wheels repaired..."The Wheel Doctor" is "TOPS" in my book..... Thanks Glen...to you...and your team...for outstanding work. You have surely made my day....”

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